FAQs About Our Yarn

What does fingering weight mean?

Fingering weight at Color-Morphosis refers to a thin, delicately spun yarn ideal for lightweight projects, offering exceptional color definition and drape.

How does Color-Morphosis ensure the quality of its hand-dyed yarn?

Color-Morphosis ensures quality by using premium dyes and materials, and employing meticulous dyeing techniques to produce vibrant, long-lasting colors.

Can I request a custom colorway from Color-Morphosis?

Absoultly! Color-Morphosis welcomes custom orders. You can collaborate with our dyeing team to create a personalized colorway on your preferred yarn base.

What are the care instructions for Color-Morphosis yarns?

To maintain the beauty of Color-Morphosis yarns, it's recommended to hand wash in cool water with a gentle wool wash and lay flat to dry, avoiding direct sunlight.

Why are there color variations in Color-Morphosis yarns?

Color variations in Color-Morphosis yarns are a hallmark of their hand-dyed process, with each skein reflecting a unique blend of color and artistry.

Are Color-Morphosis yarns colorfast?

Color-Morphosis yarns are treated to be colorfast, ensuring the hues stay vibrant and true with proper care.

Can Color-Morphosis yarns be used for both knitting and crocheting?

Absolutely! Color-Morphosis yarns are versatile and suitable for a wide range of knitting and crocheting projects.

What's the difference between variegated and tonal yarns at Color-Morphosis?

Variegated yarns from Color-Morphosis feature a mix of colors, while tonal yarns vary in the intensity of a single color, offering a subtle, sophisticated look.

FAQs About Our Candles

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