More than good scents.

We create mood.

Welcome to where calm meets creativity, made for those who handle life's challenges and never forgets to take care of themselves.

Our motto, 'More than just good scents,' is at the heart of everything we offer. Dive into our world of richly dyed yarns and beautifully made candles.

Our yarn isn't just colorful; it sets the mood for the stunning pieces you'll create.

Our candles, created by our expert scentologist, are much more than just good scents. They're about setting the right atmosphere with the best ingredients and scents that change the way your space feels.

Whether you're lighting a candle to fill your surroundings with peace or crafting something wonderful with our vibrant yarns, our products make sure your time for yourself is special.

Join us, where every candle goes beyond just scent and every yarn weaves serenity and joy into your crafting.

How it all started

I've never met a craft I didn't like. Although some I enjoy far more than others. Over my many years, crafting has been a source of relaxation and a way to keep my mind busy in times of stress. I've become passionate about this aspect of crafting and want others to experience the solace and peace that comes from creativity. Just as a caterpillar starts as a tiny bit so do most of our projects, through our perseverance they become a beautiful creation.

Welcome to Color Morphosis

-Lisamarie, Founder