Meet the Makers, Lisamarie and Ken

I'm Lisamarie and I'm the maker behind all things Color-Morphosis. My husband and I have 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren that we adore. I'm a city girl that moved to the country and I'm loving every minute of it. I am originally from Pittsburgh PA but now live in Berlin Center OH where we enjoy our chickens, fish and all the other outdoor critters that nature brings us. 

Welcome to my playground, I am so happy you found it. Are people tired of hearing you say “just one more row?” Do you have enough project bags for every day of the year? Do you have a specific project for car travel, air travel, watching TV and that special project that requires you to be all alone?  If your yarn stash has its own area code you’re in the right place! Please enjoy looking at all the beautiful things we make to help create the best crafting experience you can have. From our crystal and beaded progress keepers/stitch markers to our soy/coconut wax blend candles with that special scent to keep you creating all night long, we have you covered. Our candle vessels are hand poured in small batches using concrete pigments to create colors as beautiful as our yarns. Most of our project bags are made with hand dyed fabric we dye right here in our studio.

We all have a story, and throughout mine, crafting and projects of any kind have gotten me through the good times and bad. Creating is a metamorphosis, you start with a few simple things and you end up with something that barely resembles what you started with-similar to the caterpillar morphing into a butterfly. COLOR-MORPHOSIS was born through years of creating and experimenting. Not every experiment makes it through to the end, just like not every caterpillar makes it to be a beautiful butterfly. We learn through our trials and tribulations and we learn how to overcome problems in projects and life the same way.

I hope you find inspiration in any of the beautiful things that we create and I hope they will add something to your crafting experience. After all, the time we spend being creative is our time of self care, so create an experience and not just a project. Not all of your caterpillars will become butterflies but the experience will be so much more than the finished project.

If you want to learn about the butterflies behind the names check out